Techniques Used at Capaldi Chiropractic

Diversified spinal manipulation:

"An adjustment" is movement of a joint in a particular plane to restore normal joint mobility, decrease pain, and increase range of motion. To learn more about spinal manipulation please visit:

Flexion Distraction:

Flexion Distraction is a technique used for treating symptomatic disc injuries. This technique utilizes a specialized table that allows the practitioner to stretch and mobilize the lower back in different directions. It is used for treating symptomatic disc injuries.

Active release technique:   ART.png

The Active Release technique is a soft tissue technique specifically designed to treat over-used muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia and nerves. For more information please visit:

Graston technique:     Graston.png

The Graston technique is the use of patented tools to enhance the practioner's ability to detect facial adhesions, while providing the patient with a faster, more favorable outcome involving acute and chronic conditions. For more information please visit the official web site at:

Physical Therapy modalities:

Physical Therapy modalities are used in the clinic to aid in alleviating pain. These techniques include electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, heat and ice.

Massage Therapy:

There is a licensed massage therapist on staff at Capaldi Chiropractic. Massage therapy is great way to ease the stress of everyday life while relaxing muscles, releasing trigger points, and decreasing any musculoskeletal discomfort you may be experiencing.


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